Who we are

Behind the VEMJA brand there are 3 colleagues who have been working together for some years, with all our know-how linked to technology and business development. At a certain point, it started to make sense to gather all our knowledge and do something that brings a clear advantage to our customers and at the same time solve a problem that we identified in the market, that’s how VEMJA was born..

Our Mission

For some years now, we have been paying attention to the technological solutions for passenger transport that are on the market and, after several market studies, interviews with users and drivers, the result was practically unanimous, they all have one thing in common: a total dissatisfaction that money is charged to the customer..

After identifying the problem, we started to structure a solution that allows the user of the service not to be charged by any platform, that the driver does not have to pay commissions and, finally, that it is a sustainable service, also for VEMJA.

I'm a user

The user has totalfreedom to call a driver at any time, anywhere in his mobile application and based on proximity and quality criteria. The driver is notified to perform the service, in that way the user benefits from the speed and quality of the service. Credit cards or other means of paymentwill never be requested by the platform. This responsibility belongs to the driver, similarly to what has been happening for decades around the world.

Come use VEMJA and have a nice ride

I want to be a driver

To be our driver and automatically be able to serve our customers, you need to go through a careful registration, for your safety and our user’s.

This registration allows us to have a healthy fleet and first-+rate professionals.

After registration, just stay connected to our driver app and wait for our customers to call you. However, the business model you already use does not change, you are responsible for all the security, logistics and collection of your customer, we will not do more than the traditional taxi center does, but with the electronic and global component.

The way to be reimbursed is not by commissioning the total value of the service but by a fixed fee for each service, this is our only means of collection and we will only have a business relationship with you and never with the customer.

Donwload here the driver’s app


If you were attentive to the heading of who we are, you will have noticed that we are not operators of this type of business. We simply focus on the technological issue and technical development. That’s what we’re good at and we want to keep improving.

That’s where you come in, our global strategy is to identify a partner for each country that wants to join us in this mission.

Bring with you what you need to enter strong to the market and reach as many users and drivers as possible in this new idea of travel.

In the form of an exploration license, we will make available all our technological resources and our technical support team, so that we can face all challenges together.

See here the priority countries and where we are implemented now